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Missing Payment :(


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I hope somebody here has the knowledge to help me!

About 11am yesterday I sent 5 AUGUR REP from my Gatehub to my Bittrex address.

BITTREX - 0x8965e0bd231b10f18be632c5739104eeaa36ccb5

As of today there is no sign of this arriving or even pending! 

I have submitted a ticket with Gatehub but I believe I am in for a very long wait for response.

I have double checked the address I specified and it is correct and without error.

I have been able to track this on XRP CHART using the transaction hash below but I believe this just shows XRP going to Gatehub 5th.  If I understand correctly Gatehub 5th then issue the REP to the target address.

TRANSACTION HASH - D7F838E1BE66B1146ADD9D9661EBD074BAFF66D6C603C768BB2C147E7362A1D6

I cant track beyond this point as I have no ETH transaction hash to put through ERC20 Etherscan. 

I have searched my target address and this confirms 0 balance.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I would really appreciate any help or advice anyone can offer!

- Jamie

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