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14 hours ago, CubanMiner said:

This is a great time to buy POWR on the dip.  Check out this article put out in the past 24 hours.  https://www.google.com/amp/s/hacked.com/power-ledger-powr-future-cheap-electricity/amp/

19 minutes ago, CubanMiner said:

With Tesla potentially teaming up with Power Ledger or even buying them out, can we attribute some of the sell off to investors looking for profits in other crytpos?  I'd like to hear some feedback.  I think that it's more than a coincidence that Tesla is building the world's largest battery in Australia (Power Ledger's home).  Check out this article:



22 minutes ago, CubanMiner said:

Read this article and then let me know of this is a coincidence.  If Tesla teams up with Power Ledger or buys them out you can expect to become rich over night if you bought Power Ledger POWR at the current prices.



Subtle way of trying to pump POWR. Very subtle indeed.

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