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Buy or not to buy right now - it does look promising

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All signals are looking good right now. More than 3k account creation yesterday, amex announcement, china is coming on board and a slow growth. The only negative thing is that the majority of alt coins are going up too. So is our trend just tight to the general up trend or because of the news and the increasing convidence level :)

I just can't make my mind up if I should wait or not ? The last few days I always thought it will come down again and then I would definitely buy more but I'm not sure anymore if it will

what are you thoughts on this ?

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Ultimately YOU have to decide what its worth. What do you expect XRP to do long term? What do you expect it to do short term? Do either of those meet your goals?
How long have you been watching it? What do you think the resistances and supports are? 

In short, what are you comfortable with? Each of us makes that decision. The last 2 support layers appear to have been about .20 and .22. We MAY be seeing a new one at .24 but its still way to early to say definitively and indeed its impossible to know in the moment. Come up with a price in your head. Get some fiat on an exchange. Find your time, when your confident but not panicked. Then when your comfortable, make your purchase.

Plan your trade. Trade your plan. 

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24 minutes ago, KokoDeathCookie said:

Ditto!  Want to accumulate some more XRP and also ETH and LTC ( all long term), but everything is running high.  Hoping for a general crypto market dip to buy in soon, but FOMO is breathing down my neck.

I think fud kills more than fomo. 

There's many more highs in our future but lows? Long term lows indicate failure, to me. 

So accumulate, hodl. If you believe. 

And when dips occur just smile and enjoy the ride.


But don't try to time the market. It will make a fool of you. 

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All signs look extermely bullish for XRP at the moment.... the charts and consistent good news would also suggest it's primed to break out at any moment... 

My opinion (which should be taken with a large grain of salt) is that we'll break the ATH set back in May before Xmas, with a new base formed around 0.30.



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8 hours ago, corak said:

I moved ~5 days ago my last chunk of ETH to XRP.

What have we got since then? a bombardment of positive news pieces from Ripple, ETH up 20%, XRP up 3%. smh

I did the same just before the amex announcement except I sold everything and put it all on xrp because I felt that $0.20 was the bottom. I still stand by that decision even though it cost me profits in all of the alts I sold but xrp is the only coin I have full confidence in, as far as long term potential goes.

Once BTC retracts to around 5k-6k, I believe XRP will be the least affected as opposed to the other alts. Perhaps DASH, ETH, and BCH will fair better and offer more profits during that time but I have little faith in either of them at the moment. Even though ETH was the one that made me my first $100k this year.

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Surprisingly, I have based all my trades on my emotions since I started in Feburary this year and my feelings have yet to betray me. Obviously some thinking is involved when it comes to projecting into the future but, often times, ones thoughts can also lead a person into making poor decisions if solely relied upon.

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