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Nano S Help


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So I've just ordered the nano s and it should be with me in the next day or so,

but before it arrives i was wondering if there's a tutorial/guides (I have had a search around the forums but can't seem to find one) so i can at least start to familiarize my self

with what I'm going to be up against before it lands on my doorstep, (I'm a total non techy)

Maybe I've not searched for the right thing so any help would be really appreciated 


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1 hour ago, brettmgs said:

Thanks for that @DarthTrader

I currently have my small amount of XRP with bitstamp and with that in mind is there anything i need to do prior to setting up my new nano?

Do not take it for granted @brettmgs but I say your XRP´s are more than safe at Bitstamp, before you can set up your Nano S.
I have 1k of XRP at Bitstamp, and I am not at all worried.
Personally I find Nano S far to Expensive, and Really do not see any reason to get one.

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@zenkertforgot MtCox? But indeed if you have TFA in place, relative save.

@brettmgs it is a really easy setup. Indeed google chrome extension. Install ripple wallet for Nano ledger and move your stuff.

I installed a brand new today, but couldn't move all my XRP because of daily limit with Kraken :(  .

If you need help, send me a message. But it is pretty straight forward.

What is really funny btw, is the speed. ..So my bitcoins took 43 minutes to transfer. My XRP 6 seconds ;).


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The rippple app is actually a native application you install as any other program.



Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are Chrome extensions.




You should also install this Chrome extension, that will make it easy to install and uninstall software running on the Nano Ledger S itself:



I've been using it for a while now, so just ask if you need any help.

EDIT: Of course it's name is Ledger Nano S...

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