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BTC transferred to Gatehub but it didn't get received


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I recently opened a gatehub account. I have two wallet under my wallet drop down link - first one is - username wallet and another one is my wallet  (Primary). 

I took the BTC address from my primary wallet and transferred a fractional portion of  BTC from my coinbase account. Transfer from coinbase is complete but it is not appearing in gatehub. 

does it mean that i lost these bitcoins? is there anyway i can get this back? I was planning to convert this BTC to XRP for wallet activation.

i tried to use shapeshift.io but looks like it is censored in usa by 'please protect the consumers.org'. 

could anyone please fund the account by 20 XRP, i will return it back to you once my account is operational?. 

ripple - r*****






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I'm in the same situation but I have USD in my hosted wallet.  I too tried all the tutorials.  20 XRP has to "materialize" in the Ripple wallet before any trading can happen.   I've sent a support request last Friday with no response yet.  

I tried to send USD to my bitstamp account but GateHub doesn't allow 3rd party "withdrawals" from the hosted wallet.  I'm in a series of catch-22 situations here and it's very frustrating.  Seem's like there's an opportunity here for someone with XRP to make a profit.  I would be happy to pay a premium of say 25 XRP if someone would "loan" me 20 XRP.


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