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Chinese Exhange adding XRP - I think . .


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Corporate website
Notice on the Ripple trade

Published: 2017-11-20 11: 12: 00.0 Keywords: Ripple

respected user:

ZB is now open Regent Currency (XRP) recharging business, XRP / USDT, XRP / BTC transactions will be officially opened at 12:00 on November 21.

Rui Bo currency (XRP) Description:

Ripple Ripple , the world's first open payment network, can be completed in a matter of seconds via a network of payment transfers with almost zero transaction costs. XRP has the main bridge currency and security features in the Ripple system, of which security is indispensable. This requires that all gateways participating in this protocol have a small number of XRPs. With a total of 100 billion XRPs and a gradual reduction as the number of transactions increases, Ripple operates Ripple Labs (formerly known as OpenCoin) and now has operations with dozens of banks around the world.

Official Website: https://ripple.com



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