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Everis UK: "discussing how, for the last 18 months, @everis & #NTTDATA, have been developing alongside Ripple..."


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I'm gonna take a shot and say that the program they're developing is a building  block to the foundation of the internet of money. Since Java is compatible on all PC's regardless of browser or OS feasibly this extension could allow for ANY PC or server to become a validator on the ILP. Essentially making the Internet of money an actual thing. This is really big news.

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I wonder how many people know that Everis is a subsidiary company of NTTDATA - which in itself is a subsidiary of Nippon Telecom. Don't really understand what the implications of this are but cannot see it being harmful to Ripple at all. All fits in with Hyperledger?

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8 hours ago, Niek said:

I don't know exactly how this fits in. Hired by Ripple? Building a Java extension for their own use? But nice to see the development anyway.

This is how they all come together:

Hyperledger Gets Cozy with Quilt https://www.hyperledger.org/blog/2017/10/16/hyperledger-gets-cozy-with-quilt

Excerpts from the article:

"We’re thrilled to welcome yet another project under Hyperledger, Quilt. Hyperledger Quilt started around 18 months ago and is a Java implementation of the Interledger protocol. Interledger, also known as ILP, is a protocol for making transactions across ledgers."............. 

Who will work on Quilt?

Everis, NTT DATA and Ripple are committing full-time engineering resources to ensure the success of this project. The main contributors will include Takahiro Inaba (NTT DATA), Adrian Hope-Bailie (Ripple) and Isaac Arruebarrena (Everis, an NTT DATA Company).

Many other members have already expressed interest in backing the development of Quilt’s Java implementation. This team will seek to work with the other Hyperledger projects in order to find ways to enable ledger interoperability across Hyperledger’s DLT solutions and institutions’ centralized ledgers. Other engineers from NTT DATA, Everis and Ripple will also contribute to the project over time. Members of the Interledger Payments Community Group have also shown interest in contributing to the development of this ILP implementation.

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