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~1 ETH missing (Gatehub transaction)


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Hi people,

About 1 1/2 hours ago I sent about 1 ETH from Gatehub to my ETH address as I have done many times; however, my ETH balance is not being updated. There's not even a pending transaction showing.

Gatehub is currently showing the following message under my transactions tab:

Ripple Data Error

Unable to retrieve transactions from Ripple Data API

Please try again later

My transaction hash is: DB0925360E4344FF346DB162EEB0C45248523D179E8B4EA184DFB9E59D1A753E

Any ideas what's going on?


(I've messaged Enej and sent a tech request to Gatehub.)


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Anyone else with this issue? Almost 24 hours and still no sign of my ETH. No response from Gatehub. Even worse is the fact that the tokens I wanted to buy with the ETH continue to increase in price. Gatehub, I want my ETH, please!

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