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LedgerWallet - Nano S - Does not Work


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18 hours ago, Max Entropy said:

@Hodlezerper Hi...

Thankyou for the first constructive query about my problem report. The following are my observations:

  • first machine was Sony hardware laptop - new. I did not check the exact version of Windows 10, or the USB device driver. This was not my machine, but a colleagues. 
  • I took the USB device home to test on my Microsoft Surface... same problem
  • it was only then that I decided to look at what software was installed... and the attendant issues.
  • I must say that it was ONLY the Ripple app functionality that failed. The Bitcoin and Ethereum Chrome apps worked well.

I threw my hands up in collective dispare, largely given my past experience with Ripple related software.

I think Ripple needs to do the following:

  • edtablish a Ripple Network Certification Programme that tests and approves software that connects to the Ripple network.
  • publish a list of certified products that have passed the specific tests.
  • publish the testing procedures
  • regulators should see this as a required next step for Ripple

This is only common sense, given Ripple’s target customer base. It is consistent with Apple’s approach to AppStore Products.

We have a lot at risk.

I just tried the Ledger Ripple App on a fairly clean version of Windows 10. No issues what-so-ever.

Might be some user error or another piece of software that's not working. 

If you're attempting to assert that there are systemic issues with the code or anything else, I can't speak to that. 

But my version worked perfectly. 

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Testing is a technical business... as I have been responsible for testing groups for my products into Telcos and Fortune 500 and some military groups... i can say that it is a tricky business and requires dedication. It is easy to see it work... the problem is to ensure that it works. [If testing fails, then the company fails...]

Once, you have a failure in the field, it is always the responsibility of the vendor to find it, fix it without breaking something else and get it into a release stream.

The Ripple Network space is not ready for prime time, as they have conception of the these issues. Their response is, not my problem.


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Ripple will not take the Network Certification seriously, until they are told to do so, by the banks or a regulatory agency.

It will happen... too much at risk for it not to happen.

The institutional companies that adopt Ripple Network can not afford to Goxed or even seen to be Goxed... or even Daoed... too much precedent. It will be asked... when did you 'know there was a problem', then everyone will scramble for more regulation to protect themselves.

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Lastly, you could try (if you have time) to modify the 'Ledger Wallet for Ripple.exe' executable. If this can be done... I have not time yet... and it executes... well... the possibilities are then endless... anyone with backdoor access can change the executable. The whole point about USB encrypted crypto storage devices is that they could be connected to compromised machines and used... but this only works if the security model is not violated.

If it is possible to execute modified 'Ledger Wallet for Ripple.exe' , then THIS will be an very interesting event... Because then Ripple will have to explain... why they chose to enable a network product that was NOT compliant with the existing Ledger Wallet security model. This event will flush out... who enabled, and why the security model was bypassed. In hindsight, it does not appear to be Ledger Wallet, peopple as surely they would have used their own model... [and yes, I am aware of the move to new security models, but one does not throw security out security before moving all the code from the old world, to the new world.] There is limited wiggle room on this topic.


Let us see what unfolds.

Thanks for your interest in the topic and the tests... cross checking is always useful.



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There once was a man named Max. Confusing, contradicting, covering tracks.

His forked tongue has his mouth going, his delusion is gradually showing, 

and I have a feeling he still wears corduroy slacks.

An agenda, it seems he has to sling some mud. Transparency is not a feature, this is FUD.

While generic dog whistles seem quite common,  he's actually likable, just like Ramen,

that's why I'm so confused about this dud.

Conspiracies are easily created, the burden of proof is what needs to be negated.

Let it out if there is something you want to say, don't make us your psychological prey.

We can form this relationship out of a new ball of clay.

All I want is a big tree growing leaves proverbially,  budding wild and enormous amounts of XRP!

If you can gather what I'm saying and can refrain from pointing and blaming, I think we can all get along and  live happily!

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On 11/23/2017 at 10:50 PM, Hodlezerper said:

Question for the forum, are there any other users successfully implementing the Ripple Ledger app via Windows 10?

Just installed my new Ripple Ledger with Nano S on Windows 10 with no problems at all :clapping:


Read through the instructions and carefully do exactly what it says on the tin and off you go :d_book:


No problems at all , tested it first with 50 XRP then sent the whole lot to it for safe keeping :JC_doubleup:

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