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I recently initiated a transaction from Cointree.com and got some Bitcoins exchanged for some XRP's, (wallet-ripple.com)

It's been more than 48 hours but the XRP's are still not credited in my wallet. I have a strong feeling that these coins are stolen and that wallet-ripple is a scam website 

Tried getting in contact with their customer support but to no luck, even the contact number on their website seems to be fake. 

Has anyone out there had a similar experience



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Went to abusehost.ru/en.html.


Convenient disclaimer:

Undelivered goods/merchandise, miscompliance with the terms and conditions, fraud, etc

Any action with regard to the aforementioned activities and other activities, related to business practices of our clients, will only be taken on official request from the respective authorities. To proceed with the claim please contact local police/authorities, we will block the abusive resource on our network upon receiving their request.

Perhaps the Russian police will help us..........

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