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3-months Cryptoworld evaluation report

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I got my first experience in this crazy world on august 15, so now we’re 3 months down the line it’s time to make up the balance of this whole adventure.

My first purchase was, what else?, XRP after the annoying proces of being verified at Kraken. First 1,5 months just accumulating, smuggling small amounts of fiat to a separate account after some argues with my wife about “ gambling” and “expensive hobbies” or even “ Crypto- addiction” . 

What followed was day and night glazing at my Blockfolio, being glued to my Iphone, reading everything what is to know about XRP and earning my first 100 “likes” here on this forum. Dreaming of the gigantic figures I would earn with XRP and how I would spent it. 

There were super energizing and crazy days and hours around Swell, cats that wouldn’t come out bags and disappointment of not being a millionaire after 2 months.

Finally I got bored, in it for the “ long haul” , but realizing after just 2 months hodling that I’m in it for the excitement and not for the money. For the journey and not necessarily for the destination ( I have the same with sex, but that’s another story). 

Sold all XRP and began to buy XML, BCH, LTC, ETH.  And waiting for something to happen. And waiting...

And then “ the flippening” !!!  Stayed up all night, cigarettes, coffee and whiskey, assuring the dog he could lay down again as it was still nighttime. Sold BCH with profit, bought in again at a so called dip and lost nearly all previous profits.

The minute I heard the Amex news I sold all sh€tcoins and went all in XRP. Just to see the price drop immediately. 

Sold half my XRP stack this morning, with the purpose of diversifying and swing trade to ultimately buy more XRP. 

So where do I stand moneywise?  There were moments of a couple of thousand euro ( virtual) profit, as well as moments with a significant ( virtual) loss. But in the end the balance is € 150 ( virtual) profit. The extra cigarettes and whiskey, dogfood and diners with my wife ( to compensate that all my attention went to charts and chats) have cost me much more. 

Still: no high price for an exciting ride in this rollercoaster, it was worth it!

And now I’m gonna hodl for (70%) real. 

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Don't worry you'll be able to pay off all those cigarettes, whiskey, dogfood and dinners when the launchpad is finished - mid next year hopefully.

With my other coins i'm on the edge of my seat the whole time - will it go up? Will it go up more? Will it tank? It's tanking! Should I sell now? Now? Now? It's tanking, should I sell? (so I sell). Phew, I saved myself that time, just lost a little. Wait a minute, it's going up! It's going up more! **** I'm an idiot! That other coin's going up now, I need to buy that one (and repeat).

I'm happy with my zerps. there's the mild trepidation because it's money after all, but basically, I'm just like, nah, it'll go up when it goes up. In the meantime it goes down, it goes up. Que sera, whatever.

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