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Storing XRP on Nano Ledger S


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I got mine last week.

You can send it straight to it, but you need to install the Ripple wallet first on it, since it does not come with one by default. Download Ledger Manager - a Chrome app from the Ledger website, use it to install the Ripple wallet on the device and then install a desktop Ledger Ripple wallet app that needs to be fired up each time when you want to do anything with your Nano Ripple wallet. It connects to the Ledger and it also generates a deposit address. Go for a small sum first to test it out, test sending as well as receiving, then go for the full amount.

On a side note, make sure you write down the 24 word pass phrase correctly and store it in a safe place separately from the device.

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31 minutes ago, Eric123 said:

Nano Ledger S just arrived yesterday, haven't unboxed it yet.  My question is can I send XRP directly from bittrex to Nano or do I have to send it to a desktop wallet first?  

Also remember to hit the refresh button when you start panicking that nothing has showed up in your account. Top right. lol. 


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i have to say that is a weird experience when you click SEND to the wallet....i was expecting some  fatality paranoic error jaja...but everithing end very well and surprisingly easy and fast..my feel was if like i was doing some felony hidding my money in to the blockchain. 

I personally recommend the nano or any other blockchain storage method until we got a very solid regulations over the exchanges.

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Hi guys,


can someone explain me what the difference is between trading and buying xrp on a brokers platform like markets.com and keep my xrp there - and keeping it on a wallet? Maybe it is a stupid question but i’m new to this world and every little help is welcome.

Just to add a lil bit info, i bought them on markets.com and later i found this website where everybody is talking about wallets. So i’m lil bit confused right now

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1 hour ago, RegalChicken said:

can you guys help me with this...? LOL


anyone seen it or have advice on how to correct the issue? I've followed the basic help from Ledger with no progress.... 

could I actually have to attempt this on a different computer?


xrp wallet.jpg


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Hi All,

I just wanted to check if someone had the same issue, after a lot of reading and researching I decided to invest in XRP and ordered Nano S before hand, I never created a wallet and my XRP's were sitting on Exchange before my Nano S arrived.

After receiving my Nano S I sent 4-5 small amounts of 25-40 XRP each and all never showed up, a day later I received them all back from Exchange(Coinspot) as the transfer never materialized. Then after googling a lot I found out that you need to activate the wallet and I spent I guess .005 BTC on Bithomp(mid October 2017) to activate my wallet, after that it was a smooth ride.


Reason I went into detail that most of you guys just tell the basic steps which is all over the internet and Helpdesk as well. Why did I had to activate the wallet where people just transfer it normally??


Just wanted to be assured I did the right thing.




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1 hour ago, Invincible said:

Just wanted to be assured I did the right thing.

Hi Vince, yes you did it right. Some exchanges/wallet providers don’t allow XRP transfer unless Nano S is already activated.Coinspot and Bittrex are two that I know of that have this  requirement. Now that your Nano XRP wallet is activated, you should have no issues with sending directly from Coinspot in future.

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