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Transaction never received and No response from gatehub


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Greetings everyone and thank you for accepting me to your wonderful forum

I have an issue with a few transactions I made. It first was taking close to days days to confirm.  2 out of the 3 transactions cleared ok.  The other one just simply got removed from the bitcoin blockchain.  As if it never existed.  May I please have help with this?  I contacted gatehub with no response yet.  I have all screen shots and documents to support my claim.  It is still listed on ripples network for I used it from gatehub to make this transaction

This is btc address I sent to 12nMGrDc5JMPYPuWTTBzg12z2mwrvLNeMS

Here is the TX 227A4DCC2ECB737CAABE63A2385BA56F5291D6031C0E82F368921523EA8465D9


I sent from my gatehub wallet through the exchange.  

It appeared on the blockchain for two days and disappeared never confirmed.  

It keeps saying Reverting double spend transaction deposit from the receiver
Here is the btc hash 2d9b0a48c1e48d219dda5f8064504cd5c7c92c75ddf01c88b43b5b72deb2f6e5


thank you

Thank you so much for any help. 

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