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Bitstamp withdrawing funds issue (not arriving - TXID failed) RESOLVED


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Hey guys,

just wanted to ask if someone had a similar issue and had it resolved? Copy of my mail to them:

Dear Bitstamp Team,

the withdraw of my 2200 XRP to this XRPADDRESS with the destination tag TAG didn't arrive even though it's marked as finished.

In the transaction details it says that the the transaction ID "failed". 

Please provide support and further instructions to receive my funds back because this is the first time a transaction failed.



I had several transactions going on to this specific address and destination tag before and it always arrived some minutes later, this one was kinda big (in my terms) and it failed. What is up?


Edit: 10 hours later the funds were sent. I really don't know what the problem was. I was really worried because of the "failed" TXID and funds gone because normally Bitstamp is super quick. Glad I received the funds.

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@zenkert Yep, that's all I can do for now, waiting. It is a great platform and I never had any issues before too so it was more worrying why suddenly this one transaction has issues. Since it's not a fault on my end I'm fairly sure they can resolve it. Still mood dropping. Thanks for your answer. 

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