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Ripple T-shirt design competition


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1 hour ago, Xrphunter said:

Kitten sounds adorable

Yes they Really are - I have a Cat or should I say the Cat has me.
I like Cats a lot. I could write a short story of why I like Cats.

But now one of my Kittens has jumped out of the Box.
Damn it´s running around like crazy - and all I can do is laugh!

So when it´s in the open, another idea about the T-shirt competition.
Maybe when the Moderators has voted 1, 2 , 3.
We send the 1, 2, 3 to the whole Ripple Team and let them decide.
And they can also access this post and decide if there is a runner up.*

Which of course means, not only the Winner, but also the Ripple team will get a winning T-shirt.*
But no one at Ripple can ware it, except the newest employee - just 1 hour, then take it off and put it on the wall.


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On 11/15/2017 at 10:42 AM, zenkert said:

There are a lot of creative members in the Forum.
So, let it all ripple in, and submit your own Ripple T-shirt design.

The winner get´s Glory and I will personally pay and send the winning T-shirt design to whoever that might be.
My tought is that a Moderator will help me Close this thread by the end of 2017.
And then all moderators will be the Jury of the best, second best and third best Ripple T-shirt design.

That is, if the Moderators don´t mind ? + ?

To start it off, I contribute with a design of mine, that is not in the Competition.
Just to get you All going.



20 hours ago, zenkert said:

That one was Deep, I hope Bitcoin can feel the Tsunami coming . . . .:bomb:

I love that shirt ! I Need one, where can I get one please


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1 minute ago, ross said:

Size Xl please . Only thing is I can't part with a single xrp, will you accept Confetti ( us dollar ).... Please :)

I will only print size XL. Hey, one size fits all :D. Like Henry Ford once said about the T-Ford. You can have any color you like, as long as it is black.
Payment is a question further up the Road. But I guess Confetti is fine with me :beach:

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1 minute ago, zenkert said:

Hey, all Great to see all your T-shirts. :D:yes3:
I knew you had it!!!

Now let me turn up the Steam a bit with a T-shirt for the Blind with Braille text.
This is of course not in the Competion. Just to inspire.


Rated 'most likely to lead to non-PC interaction while being worn.'  :-)

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4 minutes ago, gomoku said:

Rated 'most likely to lead to non-PC interaction while being worn.'  :-)

Yeah, imagine touching all those little white dots . . . that could be like . . . Magic.
A couple of hours connecting and interacting in a Old Fashioned Way. :yes3:

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