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Not show BCT in GateHub wallet send to BCT 2.6876137


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I send From my personal ledger wallet BTC: 2.6876137

To my GateHub BTC wallet address.

I have not received the amount sended o  date 12/12/2017 at 6:30 am.

I have email to gstehun support through emails or through zendest support.

I am very very frustrates because od value drops of BTC.

I decided to exchange BCT to BCH through exchanged on GateHub but unfortunately could not get them in the GateHub BTC wallet. It is a very big amount for me. I have first time recently  purchased BCT from Bitpznda, and litebit.eu.

I was completely not know and never heard abot cryptocureency till november 2017.

I also first shopped ripple from Litebit.eu and XDN from Changelly.

I shopped BTC at the price of $7600.

In the second week of november 2017.

Then order ledger nano s. And stored them for few days. But then BCT suddenly drops in vaue. So i got frusterated and rush to find exchanged BCT to BCH. But could not get them into GateHub wallet.

I borrowed money to purchased BTC.

Please kindly helps me to receover the lost of BTC.

I have views the threads and hash on website of Blockchain Luxembourg.

Mohammad azher



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As I said before. Moderators. Start a new Channel in Support, where all Gatehub problems and questions end up, by default.

Or just make a mailto: to  support@gatehub.com whenever a gatehub support/help questions pops up in the forum.


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