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Withdraw from GateHub


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Hello, I migrated my account to GateHub. now is there  a way I can send XRP to Ploniex or other exchanges without going through verification ? I am looking for a way to get XRP out of GateHub without uploading docs etc.



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6 hours ago, cmbartley said:

I thought you only needed to verify your account if you wanted to withdraw fiat, is that not true?

That's true in case you migrated from Ripple Trade and had a verified account there.

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30 minutes ago, xrptrader said:

thanks! I was able to send xrp to poloniex. Looks like there is a delay after your generate the wallet in poloniex for gather to recognize it. 

My guess is that you don't actually have a wallet on poloniex but that they issue you XRP IOUs. Did you have to use a destination tag to send XRP to Polo? If so then they hold your XRP and you do not actually hold your XRP. It may take some time to credit your account with the IOUs after they receive the XRP into their main wallet. Poloniex is an Exchange, not a Gateway.

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