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Need help buying XRP with EUR on Gatehub


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Help getting started with EURO to XRP on Gatehub
Moving EUR from Hosted wallet to Ripple Wallet

Hello everyone,

I've funded my gatehub account with 50 euros with the idea of exchanging them for XRP.
I received an email confirming the funds had been deposited on my gatehub account.
I logged in and saw they had been deposited on my Hosted wallet so first I had to move them to my Ripple wallet.
When I tried to move them from my hosted wallet to my Ripple wallet I couldnt select the currency in the supposed drop down menu as specified in the tutorial (only XRP).

I tried following this tutorial but this one doesnt work because you cant use the exchange page on a hosted wallet.

So I tried moving the EUR to one of my Ripple wallets following this tutorial:

There is no dropdown menu. I can only put in the amount of XRP I want to send and I dont have XRP because I want to buy them with EUR. Which I cant because they are on my hosted account etc..

So my question is; How do I convert the 50 euros I have funded my gatehub account with to XRP?

I have followed every tutorial I could find and I'm just lost here. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I have done the same but from what I've read, GateHub is no longer enabling/funding new wallets. Seems we have to get some kind individuals to send us 50XRP to our wallets....


Anyone out there willing to help us out? 

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20 minutes ago, Mercury said:

Are you KYC? I believe fiat transfers and auto funding only happens AFTER Kyc

That might actually be it! I'm not sure if I had done it already as I have registered on multiple websites.

I updated my documents and hopefully everything will be resolved soon.

Thanks for the replies and I will keep this topic updated.


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KYC, Know your customer.  DUH.  Anyway, I've completed KYC documents as it was required to get the USD gateway establish to wire the funds to GateHub.  So, KYC is probably not the problem.  I read somewhere in a FAQ or some other document about loaning XRP to get the ball rolling.  I've left two Support emails asking since last Friday, Nov. 17 on how I get out of this loop.  No response yet.  If I get an answer, I'll post it here.


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Yes. It seems funding GateHub with fiat currency is the worst thing you can do if you want to buy XRP.


I have sent a request to GateHub to fund my account on the 7th of November. They sent me an email right away that my request has been received and they will get back to me as soon as possible. Seems like they are real busy over at GateHub.

I'm losing hope of even getting my money back at this point. GateHub seems like a waste of my time and money. It's also strange that they don't have a phone number or means of communication other than email.


I'll keep you guys updated.

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I think the mistake we made was creating the hosted wallet BEFORE transferring the fiat money.  If we had not created the hosted wallet the money would have been in the ripple wallet and we could have simply used the exchange function to create all or any part of it into XRP.  Lesson learned, too late.  My USD's showed up in the hosted wallet within 36 hours of wiring the funds on November 16.

Thanks, I'll let you know what happens on my side.  I have not received a reply to my initial support request, so hopefully, I'll get a glimpse of the future from your situation.  They are identical except yours is in Euro and mine is in USD.

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1 hour ago, kajunscott said:

I think the mistake we made was creating the hosted wallet BEFORE transferring the fiat money.

I say this is just another Gatehub problem...PLS read the pinned post in Problem solving, before posting Gatehub problems.

For inquiries about user-specific GateHub problems, please see the GateHub support website:


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I'm a newbie.  I've read everything to be read at GateHub and have submitted a support request.  But, I think I just solved my problem.  I opened a bitstamp account and purchased some XRP then deposited the minimum amount suggested.  We'll see how long it takes to post this transaction into my ripple wallet at GateHub.  This should be done by an algorithm and not people.

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