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wallet with balance but not activated?


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hey all... i am a bit confused as to why one of the paper wallets i have is showing as "not activated" on bithomp but has a balance of 30xrp in it. Originally it had 50xrp in it, i sent 20 to another wallet which is showing as activated but the first one is not activated. Is weird or im totally confused or both... i thought to activate a wallet all i had to do was send it 20xrp to it. All my other wallets are showing as activated but not this one for some reason??

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ok, so now i am even more confused

on bithomp Ripple Accounts Explorer rG6LQ54UdAozPmP9qJdwZB61o2kGLuGitr shows as unactivated? Clicking on the "Ripple activation Check" and then the "Activate" button it shows as "Status: It's already activated!

im pretty confused and not sure what i've done wrong or right

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