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TACXE a Blockchain Based Token Listing and Exchange Platform


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In 2016, the high-speed high-volume blockchain service layer of TACXE, Ledgable, entered operation in April 2017IX . It is created by the same team as TACXE as an independent Blockchain-As-A-Service or Blockchain Cloud service provider, with a US based payment facilitator as launching customer and Series A fundingX . The Ledgable blockchain is already well-tested by the market: experiencing thousands of attempts per day to penetrate the security services, Ledgable features a Machine Learning Security Engine (MLSE) to safe-guard its operation. In contrast to many existing Bitcoin or Ether-based blockchain forks, Ledgable is a distributed blockchain infrastructure which is capable of high-speed high-volume transaction processing, a critical requirement in case of settlement of financial transactions. Common financial market requirements are mostly up to 1 million tps per application. Not only important for payments, but also essential for any exchange of securities or commodities. During lab tests, Ledgable was able to process 1.4 million transactions per second (tps), compared to 1000 tps as claimed by Ripple, which is also aiming for the financial transactions market


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