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As a company, what regulatory practices do I need in place to buy sell XRP with my customers?


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3 minutes ago, pzerok said:

What I am trying to do in a way is what Veem does but I want to do it right at the micro payment level.

What are some things I need to know or have in place before I am legally able to do this?



Welcome to xrpchat....

 Checking with your country’s regulatory body would be paramount as they could inform you of what licensing requirements exist.

At the very least you would need to have appropriate KYC/AML procedures in place.

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Thanks for your reply. It almost sounds like depending how I structure the usage of XRP in this scenario, it drastically changes my KYC/AML procedures. It is almost not worth it to do it at the user level and better to do the tracking/book keeping internally.

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