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On 3/13/2018 at 9:27 AM, Vader-DeWelt said:

How do you use this toolkit to avoid issues like this one with ethereum:


? I'm going to assume that offline signing, in an app that does not allow itself to be controlled via json-rpc, would be fine ?

Don't know as much as I should about ethereum, but does the wallet really run an rpc server? why would you do that? that seems like a bad idea right out of the gate. advantages?

That attack vector only applies when you

1. Have a wallet with an unsecure RPC server running

2. Have a user that is browsing the web normally while that wallet/RPC server is running

Neither of these applies to any XRP wallet that I know of, so that specific attack vector is not one that's going to apply to really any XRP user.

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I'm a little confused because I would think that the moment someone said "oh i'm working on a wallet, and its going to offer its services via its own rpc" I would expect the entire community to rise up and say in one really loud voice "OH NO DON'T DO THAT. RECIPE FOR DISASTER!!!"


but no. I keep thinking of the very first episode of "mad men" where they're saying "people are attracted to things that will hurt them..."

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