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@RippleGambler I moved the thread, as it doesn't seem to offer any services that have to do with XRP or Ripple and is only accepting it as a payment for some sports betting services.

Also, in general, offers of services should not be placed in the General thread. There are Marketplace subs for Ripple-related services. If other mods think it's ok to go there, please move.

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1 hour ago, RippleGambler said:

You have two options. You can either mock from a position of ignorance or just give things a go at no cost to yourself. 

Imagine the joy you would get from your mockery if I failed to turn a profit on your 5 tips! 

You don't even have to put the bets on you can just monitor performance of the tips and report back to everyone what a charlatan I am. 

There is of course the slim chance that I am offering you the opportunity to make money because I want to see the community and XRP succeed. 


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