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Expanding your crypto portfolio

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OK so i have purchased  some XRP which is now locked away safely in my nano ledger and i don't intend touching it for the next 3 to 5 years.

But i'm now looking at some other cryptos and i want to gamble a little more.

i have a couple of questions though.

Is it worthwhile getting in at ICO level?

When you get your smaller coins that aren't as popular / well known how do you store them? the nano only has a few cryptos on it.

I know about paper wallets etc but ive never used any.

What other cryptos are you guys watching / investing in?




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Get some NXT now. On dec 25th the IGNIS airdrop will happen, I have a small amount of NXT in a desktop wallet

other coins I have are stellar, sia and maidsafe, all small amounts (my bigger bet is still with XRP) 

hopefully one will launch and will compensate for the rest ;)

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