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XRP Price Poll - What is Your Expectation for Highest XRP Price in the Remaining 2 Months of 2017?

Price Poll - Expected Highest Price by 2017 Year-End  

162 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the HIGHEST price that you expect XRP to reach prior to the end of 2017 - i.e. the remaining two months of this year

    • .20 or lower
    • .21-.24
    • .25-.28
    • .28-.31
    • .32-.35
    • .36-.39
    • .4-.43
    • .44-.47
    • .48 - .75
    • .76 - 1.00
    • 1.00 +

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  • Poll closed on 10/29/2017 at 04:50 AM

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In my opinion like stock market, crypto market is also forward looking, so if big investors will have reason to believe that things (sbi consortium start using xrp, or something else)  are gonna happen in march, that should be reflected in price way before. Plus the lockup of xrp would take place, which would also help.

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I think the following will all be announced before we ring in 2018:

  • XRP in Escrow
  • More international bank partnerships
  • More verified xRapid adoption and usage
  • Brad Garlinghouse and Miguel Vias win the doubles championship at the Nitto ATP World Tour Finals

All of this will be great for Ripple, and XRP should push above 0.30 by the time the ball drops on NYC.

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Interesting results, I am expecting steady growth but it seems like some people who have a vested interest just want xrp to moon like all these scam coins.    

Let's put it into perspective.  At a 0.03c monthly growth, it should still be considered very good results and reach $1 within two years.  And from what I can tell, two years seems to be the timeline by which Ripple should be in a position to dominate global payments. 

Up until then I am going to be patient and I'll be looking forward to the same poll prior to the end of 2019.


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44 minutes ago, XRPeteSampras said:

All of this will be great for Ripple, and XRP should push above 0.30 by the time the ball drops on NYC.

I'll be at the coctail bar of the Four Seasons Manhattan to celebrate! You can recognize me by my big smile.

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Imho it is not important to fix a new high, but to establish a strong support above the current one. I stand by the conviction, that continuous slow growth is best for XRP and for long term investors. Best case scenario - no pump&dump, just "organic" growth and we will see 0,25 XRP or thereabouts as the new global support by the NY. Worst case – if swings are on, then XRP  may reach 0,32 and fall back to 0,20.  Worst case is far more likely to materialise, with odds 5:1.

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I am hoping that XRP Lockin release and Financial institutions getting XRPs for their usage happen within short timeframe. These 2 events will probably be the driving force behind XRP price. 

Majority of the people have voted 0.21 - 0.24 which means that according to them, lock-in release is not going to have any significant impact on the price. Seems like a nightmare for me and not sure what would keep me interested in XRP if that happens because time is money and the competition is getting tougher everyday.



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I am bullish, but mostly in the long term.

I went with 0.28 - 0.31 by the end of the year which I actually consider to be a slightly optimistic guess, but I think I can allow myself to be optimistic for once.

I do not expect a significant rise in XRP price in the upcoming 2 years.

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I think if someone announces a easy payment method and wallet system and the lockup happens we would see a big rise.  No easy investment options and an unlucky timing for the lockup could just mean more of the same.

But it feels to me like there is pent up demand and it's just waiting for a sign to start.  So I'm thinking .48-75 is the most likely.

Unfortunately I can't retire until it's waaaay higher than those kind of numbers...   sigh... :) 

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