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Why did Jed McCaleb leave Ripple to start Stellar


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Again, where I have  a problem is with your predictions.  Personally I am terrible at them.  My experience with other folks predicting the future of complex systems is equally dismal.

And, if what you say is true, that is most definitely not Hegelian.  What you are proposing is simply.....damage.

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It's evolution! And even that is blockchain when you think about it. In 50 years, the system in place will be bits and pieces of the strongest currencies combined with the technology available then. There is no predicting and if we could, so what... just make sure you are the one making money on it now. Then you take all that money and invest in the next greatest currency ... 

Now if someone could just show me how to do that:)

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I don't want to start another Jed topic. Interested after the following article if anyone can recall Jed's ownership percentage at the time of the Mt.Gox collapse.


In the following article it states he owned 12%:


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