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Ledger systems today are siloed and disconnected. Hyperledger Quilt wants to solve that

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JAXenter: Will Quilt be integrated with other Hyperledger projects? 

Adrian Hope-Bailie: The idea is that Hyperledger Quilt will become a ledger interoperability solution for Hyperledger projects and that is huge. This will enable Hyperledger members’ distributed ledger solutions, financial institutions’ private ledgers, IoT companies’ wallets, and supply chain systems to connect with one another to perform distributed atomic transactions.


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7 minutes ago, thetamind said:

I've been talking about how amazing quilt is since it was announced.... I'm just waiting for the day when they say XRP will be used for 75% of all ILP transactions.

Quilt will be the bridge of all ledgers like sawtooth, fabric, iroha ?

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On 10/25/2017 at 7:36 PM, thetamind said:

I've been talking about how amazing quilt is since it was announced.... I'm just waiting for the day when they say XRP will be used for 75% of all ILP transactions.

Hey all, shouldn't this discussion be moved to a more prominent place in the forum? I know some of it is "old news" but I can see and agree that it's largely been dismissed...

Who will work on Quilt?

"Everis, NTT DATA and Ripple are committing full-time engineering resources to ensure the success of this project. The main contributors will include Takahiro Inaba (NTT DATA), Adrian Hope-Bailie (Ripple) and Isaac Arruebarrena (Everis, an NTT DATA Company)."

CurrencySystem is at risk


"The W3C Web Payments working group has hit a major milestone, the Payment Request API has progressed to Candidate Recommendation. That means we have a few months to use the API and test interoperability between different browsers before it becomes a Proposed Recommendation and is feature-frozen. (The deadline for comments for Candidate Recommendation is 31 October 2017.)"

A standard for mobile money interop 


"At Ripple we have always been passionate about our vision for an Internet of Value and how it’s realization will bring about positive change for everyone in society. We continue to build incredible solutions for banks and payment providers using Interledger, but our #IoV vision is about creating an open standard that anyone can implement to inter-network the world’s payment networks."

"With Mojaloop, we have a glimpse of how Interledger could do for payments and financial inclusion, what the Internet did for the democratization of knowledge. The same protocol that is being deployed at over 100 of the world’s largest financial institutions as part of RippleNet is now also available to payments networks of any size anywhere in the world through Mojaloop."


(April 2015) Ripple Labs is thrilled to welcome Adrian Hope-Bailie to the team. Adrian joins as Web Standards Officer, part of our ongoing initiative to help define the open standards that will serve as the foundation of the Internet of Value.

"What exactly is the role of a Web Standards Officer?

The way I’ve been explaining it to friends and family is that my role is to represent Ripple, to promote global payment standards. That involves representing Ripple Labs on standardizations and opening communication channels with various organizations around the world like the W3C and really driving our vision of the Internet of Value."



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