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Gatehub MY WALLET BTC deposit not received after 1 day


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i deposited BTC into my Gatehub MY WALLET BTC walled and the bitcoin is not showing after a day.  after check Blockchain.info. i found the transaction was confirmed but it was moved to another address without my knowledge or consent; after searching the transaction on that address, i saw there are ALOT of deposits to that address. the adress in question is 1Ccb4vrC5atJHHdj3hHhYwJmYxtVZLZXWc ; if you have recently (24 October 2017) deposited BTC to Gatehub and it is not showing, have alook if your btc is not also maybe lost to that address..

I hope someone from Gatehub can assist ??


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Did your BTC appear in Gatehub eventually? I recall reading about other people who experienced delays with Gatehub sometimes, hopefully it was resolved for you.

Regarding the 1Ccb4... address, having checked my past BTC deposits to Gatehub, that's the same address that they moved my deposited BTC to as well, so it looks like a legitimate Gatehub address. I see no problem with them moving it about as they please; once you send it to them it becomes their Bitcoin. You should get IOUs in return (and that's obviously a problem if you didn't), but that Bitcoin is now theirs, not yours.

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