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Why Ripple Won't Work

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Looks like Bitcoin was created by the NSA. Check out the author and date.


I'm thinking the entire Cryptoverse is as well.

Now I'm thinking all these crypto currencies are probably all trackable, but just made to look anonymous so us moon boys foolishly pump all our money into them and feel safe about it. 

I've also been thinking about Ripple. Even though it can hold liquidity between two currencies, I have a feeling that XRP will eventually become the one and only new WORLD currency for a New World Order.

But I don't really see why you're all pumping money into crypto currency when every person on the planet pretty much has complete access to their treasury accounts that are worth millions if not billions of dollars. Here's a link.


Btw, all banks and governments have been foreclosed worldwide, they just haven't told you yet. Here's the Memo:


And if you want to know how that all happened, it's summarised here:


For the latest updates, please use:


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1 minute ago, Mitcheeb said:

LMFAO....:spinlol:.... OH dear....someone take this drivel down...

Here name is Lucifer and she is disguised as a Free Mason. Some call her Illuminati or an ET. I just like plain old Lucifer.

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2 minutes ago, lusa said:

Just use a qr code, no problem.


hhaha. Love it. You guys rock. I did love the community. But I feel like it's coming to an end.

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No confusion here.

Just take your time and go through the links I sent.

The UCC is the Uniform Commercial Code that all banks and corporations operate buy.

The filings made in the UCC were made in Washington DC and were not rebuked, hence they became law worldwide, since all banks worldwide operate by UCC code.

People are already accessing millions of dollars through amazon via US bank routing numbers, social security numbers and license numbers.

Just use the links I sent and you can do the same brother.

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