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What Exchange Do You Use to Trade on the Ripple Network?


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1 hour ago, omar said:

I use Gatehub but haven't tried another Ripple Network exchange, what about you guys?

I took a poll recently and found that the most popular one (at least in the poll) was Bitstamp.  It would be good if somebody in the forum could repeat this poll every once in a while, or do a more focused poll about characteristics of each exchange. 

Here's a screenshot of the results at a point in time before the poll finished:


Note: I discussed the poll results in a blog entry during the SWELL time frame:  https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/resources-for-potential-xrp-investors/

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Bitstamp. Everytime I check for an alternative. I end up and where I am. Bitstamp. Deadly serious they are.
(Since this is an XRP-forum, I should not say this, but I have considered Kraken to trade other currencys than XRP, LTC, ETH or LTC).

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