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100 XRP Bounty

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Just now, seve7ete said:

Would be cool if we were talking about trade volume :)

Ha, yeah would be quite cool if it were trade.

We already tracked down Jed moving his funds into Ripple-controlled account so I'm thinking it's something different: 


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13 minutes ago, cmbartley said:

That's an old payment. Here's a 3.5B XRP payment made about an hour ago: 268FD1F6F0E516930C1A52E5476FFEBDD1A71B2DF5D33C513194836018D48E11

The sending account (r437wWm4oi7cKmEbNYLfo94DeQyXFjq2ja) has also sent three more payments of ~3.3B XRP total in the last hour. So there's your ~7B XRP.

You can trace all of these XRP back to r8TR1AeB1RDQFabM6i8UoFsRF5basqoHJ within a couple jumps.

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