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Should I switch to Bitcoin Gold on 25th or wait a second!?!

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Hello friends,

Just thinking about what to do with my Zerps, cum 25th of October. So here is my thoughts.....i can switch into bitcoin and supposedly (as they say) make free gains and receive Bitcoin Gold equivalent...... Ok .....but.....problem is..... i am thinking.... so what is the situation.......Bitcoin rose huge last few weeks.....Ok..... if I buy and receive few bitcoins for my Zerps, what happens? i expect a freebie bitcoin gold about 5% of current value of bitcoin.....all i have to do is hold bitcoin on 25th......so like.....for whole day or just few minutes?!?.......and if i get caught......and Bitcoin drops 5% quick.....what happens then..... I made 100% risk and 0% profit.....and I am not even speaking of rumors that fork day was before October 25th, and no one will get nothing, or that like, most of exchanges will not even offer Bitcoin Gold freebie cause of unsecured replica issue.......so what you think cream of the Crop ?!? what should I do (what should we do!?!) :acute:

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