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Bittrex Enhanced Verification Problems


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Opened an account over 1 week ago on Bittrex bittrex.com. I have put all my information, sent in my ID and selfie photo. Set up Google Authentication. I can transfer BTC and XRP in  but I can't withdraw anything until they do whats called Enhanced Verification.  

Everything is stuck in Bittrex and can't withdraw anything. Does anyone have any info on what they are doing with my information? Are they calling the IRS? What is the timeline to get Enchanced Verification to withdraw? I'm about ready to drive to Las Vegas where there corporate HQ  is located to get some answers. Starting to get :feminist:mad as hell at them!

Other Exchanges I have been verified and can do withdraws or whatever I need to do.  

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I have been through this.  It takes them up to 3 weeks to respond, you have to be patient.  You can expedite their response if you go to their bittrex slack and go to their support room.  Bittrex is slow, I had several thousand dollars locked on the exchange for two weeks, unable to withdraw, or even trade.  It's infuriating especially when the market dips and you want to buy or sell, and all you can do is twiddle your thumbs.  

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