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Private Key Question


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Hello, I am new to this forum, but long time lurker, you guys are Awesome!!! I have a general newbie question - I have a few XRP in Kraken and in Gatehub. So here is the dilemma - Kraken as i speculate is a hosted wallet, so i have username and password there - all is fine. Gatehub as I conclude - offers a private wallet. So here is the question - when I created account with them - i did password and username (as with Kraken) but then they gave me a recovery key (in case i forgot my password) and private key. As i understand, private key can be obtained inside the account when I log into Gatehub (under view private key preferences) So the question is: why should I record my private key in paper and store it in a safe place (as many here tell to do) if I feel perfectly safe - as long as I can log into my Gatehub account and view it There!!>?  ( I mean - if Gatehub end up to be scam artists - then yes - but if they are Legit?!? - why should i write down or save my private key - if there is a bigger chance that someone steals it from my notebook than my online wallet.....) Thank You for any insights !!! 

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