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Kraken: Maximum withdrawal of XRP to wallet


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Hey guys,

I'm new to crypto trading so I started with a Kraken account first of all. Got verified into 'Tier 3' and all.. Deposited fiat to my account and bought some 500 XRP for long term. Now I wanted to withdraw them to my wallet, after not being able to do so for roughly 72h. But there is a maximum withdrawal limit of 450 XRP. I withdrew them and now withdrawal seems to be deactivated again.

Why is it deactivated again and is this normal? I mean the max. withdrawal limit for cryptos even without hitting the daily/monthly limit. And will I ever be able to get the rest of my XRP out of Kraken or is a % going always going to be held back by them? Anyone experienced this?

Thx for response.

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Last week I withdrew 60K from Kraken to a cold wallet within the space of 10 minutes. There were no issues. Did you contact Kraken Support?

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5 minutes ago, nikko said:

Any suggestions which exchange I should use? Is Bittrex a better solution?

I always suggest Bitstamp. I use it and I am very satisfied,
First tried Gatehub, but when 3 weeks had passed, and my account still was not Verified.
Gatehub had all information provided, they asked for. I erased my not verified Gatehub accunt, and never came back.
Bittrex I have not tried, since Gatehub was my first try.
And then went to Bitsamp instead, when i lost patience and trust in Gatehub.




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Kraken works flawlessly for me, i.e. It takes just a few minutes to withdraw XRP to my cold wallet and without any fees (Tier 3). It's awesome and very focused on security—multiple kinds of 2FA, PGP, etc.

Do you mean kraken.com?

I mean, look at those limits—far away from those 450 XRP you said:


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