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The ONLY thing that matters about SWELL


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After reading all the FUD I’ve come to the conclusion that the ONLY thing that matters about SWELL is that the invited participants will take a positive message about Ripple back to their organisations.

I also believe that in the early days (before the altcoin rises of earlier this year) it was great that those linked to the company bothered to engage the speculator community here, but today that community is far less concerned with a long term vision and more interested in quick gains (which aren’t necessarily good for the long term) so the type of engagement has changed and the Ripple employees should probably not bother. 

If you are interested in a long term investment that will see many more ups and downs then XRP is probably as good a hold if not better than any.

If you want quick gains then you might find yourself chasing pumps, but should probably stick to other coins and not bother actually coming here. 

No one is forcing anyone to invest in XRP. Simple solution if you are unhappy is cut your losses or bank your gains and go! 

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