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Don Tapscott "Keep an eye out for a major announcement tomorrow"


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5 minutes ago, Dennis said:



The thing is I don't think there is going to be a one size fits all approach to this space. Ripple had a head start yes, but there will be a lot of competition. We are still very early in the game, expect some major rivals, you can't force your way into an industry without some resistance. I think this is why Ripple are pushing so aggressively to get their products into the mainstream because they are concerned of potential competition 

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Don has just tweeted.. Seems unrelated, but I can't be bothered looking into it.




ICTC and Partners Launch Canadian Blockchain Ecosystem
Blockchain, a fundamental piece of Canada’s Digital Advantage

OTTAWA, ON – In collaboration with ColliderX, the Blockchain Association of Canada, the Blockchain Research Institute, and Blockchain Canada, the Information and Communications Technology Council is pleased to announce plans to strengthen Canada’s digital advantage by further developing a nationwide blockchain ecosystem. Through this initiative, ICTC estimates that by 2024, Canada’s blockchain market will reach $2.5B (CAD) and create approximately 107,700 jobs.Over the coming months, ICTC will be working with the blockchain community, including companies, academic institutions, and not-for-profits, to develop the framework to fuel further blockchain innovation and competitiveness in Canada. On January 1st, 2018 the new blockchain ecosystem will commence activities to facilitate collaboration on intellectual property, investment, knowledge-sharing, education, trade and to support appropriate regulatory activities.



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9 minutes ago, Let_her_Ripple said:


Don has just tweeted.. Seems unrelated, but I can't be bothered looking into it.



This is most likely what he was referring to.  Everyone is literally grasping at straws looking for these announcements while Ripple is laying the groundwork for a XRP revolution.  Don't miss the forest for the tree's...

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14 minutes ago, Xrpdude said:

so what was his big announcement then? Jack diddly squat right???? jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

I would have managed this whole thing much better

Yeah I don’t really care at this point, but he sure missed an announcement ... especially a big one.

maybe it was self fulfilling for his group that a couple Canadian folks joined?

And he referenced Canada a lot, and I know it was Toronto, but the majority of the folks were from outside Canada is my guess.

anyhow, PR fail all around by Ripple. Kinda a shame for hodlers to watch.

on a similar note, has “Monica” polished up her resume yet?

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11 minutes ago, vsyc said:

You should understand one thing, Ripple did the thing not about them, but about future of Blockchain, about revolution changing the world, how different things evolved. They showing that they want build patnership, none did that before, the open minded and show that they not afraid of anu other, they want partner ethereum, hyperledger etc. It something that bitcoin has to learn.


Hence I told that  trolls and other sensetive holders will be crying after swell, here we go.

Trade if you want profit.

I suggest you do some reading here before calling me a crier ... please.

i really do not think this went as they intended. We can debate it all day but I for one would not have a conference where I invite people to steer interest away from my company.

would you?

anyhow, opinions are like A$$holes, we all have one.

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