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Gates Foundation not announced at Sibos?


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Could someone clarify for me regarding the gates initiative. I was under assumption that it was announced at Sibos and not at Swell. Ripple have tweeted madly about it understandably.

But quote from Brad stated expected announcements at Swell. There is of coarse 2 sides to every argument where you have the HODL crowd and the other crowd who want a million percent in an hour. Regardless of which side you are on it will be poor show not to give some form of announcement at swell. What that does to the price is regardless for me its the principal.Essentially we are all passionate fans and investors in Ripple and trust is fundamental in where we are putting our money.

Perhaps I am way off side, but I certainly wouldn't want to invest money in an apple stock based on a keynote where they spend 2 hours talking about nothing but hopes and dreams of the iPhone 623

xrpthestandard. out

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