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What is the Best Exchange for Newbie XRP Investors?


What is the Best Exchange for Newbie XRP Investors?  

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  1. 1. From a list of the most common high-volume XRP exchanges, which one do you think is best-suited to newbie crypto or XRP investors?

    • Bitbank
    • Bitfinex
    • Bithumb
    • Bitso
    • Bitstamp
    • Bittrex
    • BTC38
    • Btcxindia
    • Coinone
    • Gatehub
    • Hitbtc
    • Korbit
    • Kraken
    • Mr. Ripple
    • Poloniex
    • Ripple Fox
    • RippleChina

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Bitstamp was good for newcomers because it had credit card buys allowed.  I didn't see it there last time I looked....   did they stop doing that?

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I use Bitstamp.
Low fees.
Deadly serious.
Take some time to register an account.
You have to learn a bit about transfers if doing Bank Transfers.
Once done everything works like a charm.

You can buy Bitcoins with Credit Card.
Sell them and buy XRP.

With Deadley serious I mean, that you really have to proof, that You are You.
Otherwise your account will not be created.

That+s my experience.



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On 10/17/2017 at 10:47 AM, Jarvis said:

Just gotta be careful with polo. In polo you don’t own xrp but IOUs unless you transfer them out. 

I could be wrong but I think that is true of all exchanges except Gatehub (so long as you are not using the default Gatehub wallet but instead a Ripple Wallet).  I could be wrong though.  Certainly there seems to be differences about how much and how quickly you can withdraw your funds with the various exchanges.

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