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I hope that Ripple announce that they have 20+ new exchanges starting to sell XRP today.

I hope there is an announcement that they partnered with someone for an industrial strength wallet for the masses. Something where people will not be so scared they might lose their money due to a misstep, hack, crash, lost secret, etc ... For the non technical folks, this could be a big win.

We need money to be more easily flowing into XRP and today, it is simply NOT for the masses yet. I know of people that would buy XRP now, but couldn't be bothered with the convoluted way most have to go about buying it now. (multiple hops with fiat, then another crypto, then xrp & fees, fees & more fees)

lots to talk about here, but high level love to see some improvement in these areas, which ultimately WILL drive price along with other things.

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1 hour ago, RegalChicken said:

I agree that a more consumer friendly situation would be ideal, but I somehow doubt that exchanges will be on the agenda for discussion today.   I just don't think their target market (banks, etc) care, since they're more concerned with the billions and trillions of dollars they are transacting daily. 

Agree. XRP is for institutions and that's where their main focus should and will be. If exchanges want to make our life easier, that's fine - even though I am happy with the way I am dealing with them atm. Don't think my mother or neighbor would influence the value of my XRP's when they throw their savings into the game, so I prefer Ripple to focus on the institutional part and push that forward.

And for the people that want to buy but are unable to sort things out... too bad for them.

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16 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

well here's the thing. litecoin basically doubled in value the day coinbase added them. so I think there is substantial value to what coinbase can offer a coin.

however I just don't believe that XRP fits coinbases model. 

The model of buying a cryptocurrency? You're not sure how Coinbase would sell XRP or..? Because that's all coinbase does lol

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Just now, RegalChicken said:

XRP as a utility is really quite different than BTC, LTC, and even ETH. 

XRP does not currently really fit Coinbase's agenda and if you see any of Brian Armstrong's comments regarding alt coins like XRP, he is pretty clear on distaste for it. 

but lots of people are buying XRP so why would they want to lose money?

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23 minutes ago, RegalChicken said:

I'll tell you what, you start the largest US Based crypto currency exchange and add XRP.

It's very clear that XRP does not fit into Coinbase's model.



The only thing thats clear is that he doesnt like it.

selling digital coins like xrp is exactly their business model he just doesnt like xrp

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