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XRP on coinbase? real or fake?

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Yes it would.  99% of people don't know a thing about cryptos.  It's still largely underground.

Coinbase is the #2 market for LTC at the moment, and the #6 for BTC.  #4 for ETH.

Adding the simplicity of Coinbase to buying XRP would have a positive impact. and make it more widely available to the 'average' person who wants to buy Crypto but doesn't understand how. Coinbase is extremely user friendly. 


With that said, XRP does not fit Coinbase's business model. I don't foresee coinbase picking up XRP, possibly ever. 

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28 minutes ago, Mitcheeb said:

why we can do that now in AU... and lots of exchanges also...   don't think exchanges will change anything, it more the peoples perception and enthusiasm to get involved.

There are regulations in place that make some exchanges more difficult to work with in some regions. For instance, I am not able to use Kracken because they don't comply with my local regs and they won't verify me. Coinbase is my best option.


From there, it's more difficult to find an XRP compliant exchange for me, in my region.  

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