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Interledger and Polkadot

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1 hour ago, jd2424 said:

Can someone explain the differences between interledger and polkadot? 

Polkadot has raised $130 million. What can they do that interledger cant?



Jackson Palmer yesterday posted an interesting video that compares Cosmos, Polkadot and Interledger :


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Ok this is interesting. Cosmos seems like a method to connecting many blockchains each with their own consensus mechanism. Polkadot is a method of connecting many blockchains, but all use the same consensus alleviating the individual chain's dev team from that complex job. Both have a token, Polkadot is connecting not just value exchange (payments) but also data to support connecting smart contract chains like ETH, cool.

He touches on ILP briefly at the end, pointing out it has no ledger and is like "cross chain atomic swaps" and links to another video. I watched the other video and it seemed to focus on ways people have tried to solve the problem of not having orderbooks on ledger like RCL has, but using ETH or BTC or other protocols.

I guess this gives me a better idea of what people actually meant by a "decentralized exchange" in other ILP threads. This was also my first thought.

On 6/3/2017 at 1:00 PM, pftq said:

That's basically RCL (vanilla Ripple Consensus Ledger) in a nutshell, not even Interledger.

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