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Launching Instant payment in Belgium 2018 is one of the headliners in news bulletin in Belgium today.


But in november coming SEPA will launch it already. See link: https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/what-we-do/sepa-instant-credit-transfer

Is this backed by Ripple and will this be announced on SWELL?


Also found a reddit thread:


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SCT Inst is coming and we are wondering whether it is a Ripple solution? 

I think that we will not find out until European Payments Council, EBA Clearing or Ripple announce it.

However, there is a small connection to be found. Through CGI banks will be at least Ripple enabled.

14 October 2015: Ripple and CGI team up


19 April 2016: CGI today announced the company has successfully integrated Ripple’s distributed financial technology into the CGI portfolio of payments solutions to assist in the digital transformation of its clients.


CGI is listed among frontrunner service providers for RT1 solution (SCT Inst)


All in all, we can conclude that at least CGI banking clients will be able to connect through ILP with anyone else using ILP. 




We (CGI) serve 22 of the top 30 banks globally and 23 of the top 25 banks in both North America and Europe. Our top 10 banking clients have worked with us for an average of 25 years.



CGI SRT uses state-of-the-art (open source) technologies, eliminating the high costs normally required for third-party licences.


My guess is that this open-source state of the art technology is ILP.

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