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What An Interesting Turn of Events....

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@XRPeteSampras great to have you on board! And you've hit the key points that have only dramatically improved in the past 6 months. 

Some of us have been on this train for a 'crypto-eternity' (since 2012-13) and it's always great to see there are new folks equally excited as we are. 


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59 minutes ago, XRPeteSampras said:

Hello everybody,

As of a month ago I knew nothing about cryptocurrency.  As of two weeks ago I knew nothing about Ripple or XRP.

What an absolute shame!!!

I have been an XRP junky for the past couple of weeks, though, and am trying to absorb as much as I can.  I greet any other investor who is in my boat and I heartily congratulate anyone who has been doing this longer.  Good form, ladies and gents, and I'm so happy to be aboard.

For anyone who cares, here are some things that made Ripple stand out to me:

  • The company.  Yes, company.  Not a nebulous group of users, not a hodgepodge of dreamers who have a blockchain and an ideology.  They are an established company of seasoned professionals.
  • The goal.  Ripple is laser-focused on one thing:  Improve cross-border bank transfers.  See the mountain, lock in on the mountain, climb the damn mountain.
  • The team.  I keep watching and listening to all of the interviews that I can find with these guys:  Garlinghouse, Vias, Schwartz, Thomas, Rao, and others.  You know what is incredibly weird?  I can't find a single one of them that I don't absolutely like and respect.  Their intelligence, their demeanor, their message, their style.....wow.
  • The technology.  Faster transaction processing by far!  Interledger! Proven use-cases! Aaaaahhhhhhh!!
  • The competition.  SWIFT. Sheesh, its like an obese gentleman being called "Slim".  SWIFT, as I believe Stefan Thomas was quoted as saying, has had decades to improve.  They have been slow, inattentive, and have ultimately cost people so much time and money.  Even if for no other reason, I would almost want to support Ripple just based on this alone.
  • The Hodor.  Have you read his blog yet?  Great!

Well, I'm in.  And not just a little, I bought in about a week ago when it was at about 0.20 and amassed a very healthy pile of XRP.  This is not a short profit-seeking exercise for me.  I really believe in these men and women, in what they've created and what their goal is.

Here's to you, Ripple.  I know it'll be a bumpy ride at times, but stay on track.  You have a lot of passengers who are with you for the whole trip.


Well said XRPeteSampras.......Game Set and Match :viannen_89: :lol:

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