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Need help with getServerInfo

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I'm working on a bug right now that when sending XRP from the wallet that dips into reserve, it uses up the transaction fee but doesn't get recorded onto the ledger. Put simply, transaction never happens but fee is used. I've got the error message setup perfectly and it works when the xrp reserve amount is hardcoded as 20. As you all know, this amount can change so I want it to be pulled from the api. I've tried numerous ways to do this but I just can't figure out how to get the value of 'reserveBaseXRP' out of it using getServerInfo() method. If anyone has any clue how to do this, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

P.S. Sorry if this is a noob question, still a learner at JS

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There is no way that transaction is not "recorded" on the ledger and the amount of XRPs in your account decreases. Transaction can sometime fail and consume fee, but it is still "recorded".

Why you can't get 'reserveBaseXRP'? 

I wouldn't bother with this property. You can just hardcode a constant in your code instead.


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Ok my bad, recorded was probably the wrong word. Yes, failing is the better term and it consumes the fee. 

As for just hardcoding it, there’s a bit of a problem. I’m just working on someone else’s app and the owner wanted values to be pulled from ripple-lib. Even if he didn’t want it, I would code it this way because:

1. Don’t need to change value then get it approved again on AppStore, etc. It’s all automatic.

2. Since it’s automatic, if the owner suddenly leaves or goes inactive on the app, then the reserve amount can still be up to date. 

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I'm not sure what API you're using exactly, but you should have either fields like:

            "reserve_base_xrp" : 20,
            "reserve_inc_xrp" : 5


            "reserve_base" : 20000000,
            "reserve_inc" : 5000000,

The top is in XRP, the bottom in drops. The reserve base is the minimum reserve for every account. The reserve increment is the additional amount for each owned object. You can find an account's number of owned objects with whatever version of the "get account info" API you have access to. You should have an "OwnerCount" field that will tell you how many objects that account owns.

If all else fails, you can query ledger state entry 4BC50C9B0D8515D3EAAE1E74B29A95804346C491EE1A95BF25E4AAB854A6A651 which has the current network fee settings. Some version of this:

{ " command" : "ledger_entry", "ledger_index" : "validated", "index" : "4BC50C9B0D8515D3EAAE1E74B29A95804346C491EE1A95BF25E4AAB854A6A651", "binary" : false }

Will produce this:

      "node" : {
         "BaseFee" : "000000000000000A",
         "Flags" : 0,
         "LedgerEntryType" : "FeeSettings",
         "ReferenceFeeUnits" : 10,
         "ReserveBase" : 20000000,
         "ReserveIncrement" : 5000000,
         "index" : "4BC50C9B0D8515D3EAAE1E74B29A95804346C491EE1A95BF25E4AAB854A6A651"

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Well 2 things I should mention:

1. I'm coding an app for the AppStore (the app ToastWallet) and since it's an app I'm unsure how you would go about getting the console. 

2. Here is my current code but whenever I run it, the app just loads forever:


remote.getServerInfo().then(obj => {
    var xrpreserveamount = obj.validatedLedger.reserveBaseXRP;
.catch( function(e) {


Sorry if this is completely wrong, still a learner :P

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8 hours ago, SneakyFish5 said:

cheeky bump for help :P 

Variable xrpreserveamount gets assigned or not? 

It is unclear what you mean by " the app just loads forever" (why it shouldn't "load forever"? You don't exit the process or something like that). It is also not clear how you run this app (in nodejs?).

You need to be more specific if you want some help.

However, I doubt many people here have experience with anything related to RippleAPI outside of the context of nodejs and browser.


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