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Poloniex Phishing Website


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I saw a post on Reddit about this and thought I would pass along here.  There is a new phishing website for Poloniex.



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Example of Google's poor backgroundchecking of advertisers.

There are more reports of Google ad's like these for different exchanges. Usually only one or a few letters are changed/added.

In some cases popular Antivirus software like AVG automaticly adds a checkmark to the phishing website links, making the problem even worse.

Always carefully check the url and have a look at the SSL certificate when visiting an exchange website.



I can confirm the phishing advertisement is STILL VISIBLE ON GOOGLE.NL, both on desktop and mobile phone.

It points to: <do not visit> POLONLEX . com (note the 'i' of poloniex is actually a L in this phishing url)

The phishing website does have a SSL certificate, but it's signed by "cPanel, Inc." , instead of "GlobalSign nv-sa"

Bad Google! They can use some of their own AI tech for this. It shouldn't be hard to detect advertisements like these.


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