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ILP and CENTRE from Circle

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Also looks like theyre going after businesses whereas Ripple is focused on Banks, or the real money lol. If banks adopt ripple i dont see why they couldnt just absorb everyone elses business from the mass of wealth they generate lol.


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Ripple are very interested in Business to Business transactions...  they have said so multiple times.  This looks like the start of the flood of ILP RCL XRP copycats.....   but they are years behind and are not embedded in the system in the same way Ripple is.

We really only want one http protocol and for the same reason....   only one ILP.   Any thing else is a bad idea and ILP is already in the w3c framework.

But the space is big and more power to anyone who makes any useful progress...   

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There have been posts about Circle Financial before (including by me).

Similar to Ripple, they have received quite a bit in VC funding and have offices around the world.

Circle offers free person 2 person payments through a mobile app.  Their primary customer base is consumers not businesses.  However, I suspect that could change in the future and perhaps that is what this Centre is about.  From what I understand, they process around $1 billion in payments (both domestic and international) per month in the EU and US.  How they make money is primarily through trading various cryptos.

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