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Friend or foe? [OBC]

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Friend or foe of ILP?

"Open Blockchain is based on the expectation that there will be many blockchain networks, with each network ledger serving a different goal. While there may be a popular single instance of a general-use network, there is no requirement for any one network ledger to rely upon any other network for its core functionality. Despite this level of network independence, Open Blockchain still requires an addressing system that allows transactions on one ledger to discover and utilize appropriate transactions and smart contracts (chaincode) on other ledgers." -- https://github.com/openblockchain/obc-docs/blob/master/whitepaper.md

Although Wolpert of IBM did say that "Interledger-ing is important".

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As I read through the paper, I noted that I liked many of the ideas and agreed with them.  It's nice to see established Fintech and tech parrot ideas from Ripple two years later. 

It's unclear if OBC is a "thing" or a concept.  In "Figure 2: Open Blockchain reference architecture", it lists OBC right next to concepts like APIs and SDKs.   I'm not sure they even know what OBC is.   Yet. 

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