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I ordered XRP MOON plates tonight.  XRP HODL is still available. I was torn between the two. I felt more people might get the "to the moon" part than HODL. There is a half-space between XRP and MOON. The DMV requires you to explain what your custom plate means.  I proudly typed in "Ripple to the moon! (Cryptocurrency price that is about to skyrocket)".

Think this will go viral?  (=





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I wish I had another vehicle to put HODL on. I don't know of anyone else putting crypto names on license plates. I hope this raises awareness and people start doing this.   

Then again, eventually most people who HODL will eventually sell some or all of their position. But MOON is pretty catchy in that you can hope it goes to the moon, and still rock the plates when you're already on the moon. Right?!


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