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Bithomp issues


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Ok.  So, I just created a Bithomp account, and funded my wallet.  Easy.

Here's the problem:  I created and funded the wallet over the internet, and then I downloaded the Windows wallet software.  I can't figure out how to link my already funded account with the desktop software.  It is telling me to choose my wallet file on my computer, but I obviously dont have one since I created the wallet over the internet.

Hopefully everything I typed makes sense.  Any help would be appreciated.

One more thing.  I can go into my account and view my balance, it just doesnt appear as though I have any way of withdrawing any of my coins if I ever needed to.  Maybe Im missing something...Thanks in advance!

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6 hours ago, Mercury said:

Your are correct, there wont be a wallet file yet. When creating a new wallet there should be an option to import one. In this field enter the secret key and then  a new wallet file will be created.

Thank you!  I actually figured it out last night a little while after posting this.  I was stressing pretty bad for about 30 minutes, and then I got it.


Thank you so much for the reply...I do have another question, though.  If I were to open a new wallet and transfer these funds would I lose my initial startup deposit, or will my whole balance transfer?  It appears as though the initial 50 (or however many it was) is locked and unable to be used.

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On 30 September 2017 at 3:58 AM, Mercury said:

Correct again. Every new key pair needs 20XRP to activate. This is a feature designed to stop spamming. These 20XRP are forever locked to the wallet and can never be recovered.

Um in case it's unclear....   that's only true so long as the price of XRP stays at its current level.  So the wallet fee is now around the price of a cup of coffee.  If the price rose dramatically the wallet fee would be reset downwards back to a coffee price (as it has done in the past) and the excess XRP would be available again.  So if it went up twenty times in value then it's likely that the fee will become 1 XRP and 19 will be freed up.

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